Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The centre bed.

Did I say "subject to inundation"? 
An old photo shows similar to today  but the trees at the back are much bigger.

Onion beds poking out from the water.

It is easy to see the need for raised beds - yes?

But now the the subject - the centre circle which I have shown a picture of before, has an ecosystem built into it to support the life needs of beneficial preditors of pests that may impact on food production.
We do this firstly with a pond that provides a source of water for insects and birds as well as modifying the microclimate with temperature stabilization and humidity. The birds and insects are attracted to the area to get a drink and will often leave the fruit trees alone as all they really want is a drink. While they get their drink we provide grass for seeds and fruits and flowers too as a source of food to complement the bugs or pests they consume while there.
Grass seeds, solar lights, sunning spots and even strawberries
for the bluetounge lizards who do not just like snails.

The places for lizards to sun themselves is important as is the places to hide and the sources of food that make this a place to live for the benificials.

Frogs that live in and around the pond advance into the surrounding beds, mainly at night, to feed on bugs and the solar lights attract many into the target range for them.
The pond is full of water chestnuts
and the blocks make a great place for lizards.

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