Sunday, 12 June 2011

Behind the Concept

Permaculture is design system. This separates it from the other agricultural pursuits I have embarked on as it looks at the relationship between elements while organic growing, to some extent, looks at the needs of individual elements (plants).
Permaculture became known to me through Bill Mollison on ABC TV and I worked on doing the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) as soon as I could.
In 1996 I took the time and the money that it takes to do this lifechanging course and it was the best spend I have ever made. The Design Manual is an incredible manual on the overalls principals of design and practical ideas for the application of those principles. The introduction is a great way to get started as is Ross Mars book but Rosemary Morrow An Earthusers Guide to Permaculture is one of the best starts you could have.

Working with nature and learning from the interaction of elements in nature as they coexist is the reason for the success of the concept.
The chickens in the domes are working with the annual beds to produce food free from the need for artificial fertalizers and pesticides and the fruit trees too produce food while providing shade in summer and (being deciduous) let light from the Sun into the garden in winter.

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